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New Attendance Policy

If your child(ren) will be absent on any school day or part of the school day for any reason, then you MUST send an email to: attendance@gracechristianpulaski.org.  Please make sure to leave your child’s first and last name, dates/times of the absence, along with the reason for the absence.  Texting/calling GCA administrators or school staff will no longer be an option for this procedure.  We thank you for helping us to better streamline our attendance records for the school and state.   This new procedure will allow us to do a much better job at coordinating who will be missing during the school day.

Attached are copies of Teacher Interest Forms that each of our teachers here at GCA have filled out. Our teachers are with our students more than we, as parents, are during weekdays and they work so hard to teach our children academically and to disciple them as followers of Christ. The attached forms will give us all an idea of the likes (and dislikes) of each of the people who serve us (and our children) daily. There is absolutely no pressure to use any of the information within this packet, but it will give you a good idea of how to bless your child’s teacher should you desire to do so. The teacher interest forms can also be found on the GCA Staff Bio Pages. Thank you for your involvement in our school and for your desire to encourage our teachers!

Drop Off: The school day runs from 8:00 AM to 3:15 PM. Please drop off your child between 7:50 and 7:59 AM. Most students will enter through the back elementary door. (where you did for the open house.) Families transporting a preK student will drop off up front. (Elementary Principal will text you about that.) School doors will open promptly at 7:50 and will close at 8:00. If you arrive after 8:00, then you will have to park in front of the school and enter through the front office. Students will be marked tardy if they do not arrive on time for the school day.

Pick Up: With the exception of 3K/4K students, please pick up your child in the back of the school promptly at 3:15 (3K/4K pick up is at 11:45 in the front of the school building)All vehicles will need to park in the public parking lot (behind the private lot in the back of the school). No parking is allowed in the private school lot or the alley. For Elementary students: Please park your vehicle and then walk into the school gym to receive your child(ren). For Jr./Sr. High students: Please park your vehicle and then walk up to the back door of the gym to receive your child(ren).

Lunch service is not provided by GCA. Parents must provide a sack lunch, which is a great opportunity to teach healthy eating patterns. In addition, the lunch period is “closed”, meaning that students may not leave campus with others for lunch at their own free will. Students should bring their own utensils and not expect to use plastic ones from the school. If students do have to use school issued silverware, they will be expected to wash and dry the silverware after their meal. Do not send knives or any dangerous kitchen utensils. Food that needs a sharp knife needs to be precut at home.

Because students who maintain a healthy, stable metabolism function the best throughout the day, fruit, vegetables, and healthy proteins and grains are an expected part of student lunches. These are important for a healthy diet as well as a productive school day. On the other hand, less healthy or very sweet lunches with high concentrations of sugars are common contributors to hyperactivity, obesity, and mood swings. As a result, sugary, sweet snacks or other junk food type items should be kept to a minimum (we recommend only one per day). For K-5th grade, a healthy mid-morning snack is needed. *Healthy snacks include: fruit, raisins, crackers, vegetables, yogurt, etc.

As a policy, lunch supervisors who notice an unhealthy pattern (more unhealthy items/lack of healthy items/no lunch or snack brought to school) in a student’s lunch will notify the administrator, who will notify the parents of the student’s eating patterns. Parents will be contacted with the expectation that they will help their child pack a healthy, well-balanced lunch/snack for the future. This expectation will be treated the same for all students.

ATTENTION: Family Fundraising Commitment is currently at 54% of our goal. If fundraising isn’t your thing, feel free to make monthly payments or pay the commitment in full at any time. These funds are important for the general operations of the school.


This document outlines the primary elements of the Christian faith that will be unapologetically taught as truth and incorporated in all programs and activities. Questions and teachings about secondary and sectarian beliefs will be directed to parents.

Contact us at: info@gracechristianpulaski.org and request a copy of the GCA Parent-Student Handbook to help you understand the mission, vision, educational philosophy and policies of Grace Christian Academy. You can also access the Handbook electronically

If you’re looking for some practical ways you can help GCA and support our teachers and classrooms, we’ve put together a wish list of items we could really use this year! Additionally, visit our Staff Bio Pages for teacher interests if you’re wanting to bless a specific teacher.

For quick reference, we’ve pulled out the dress code information from the Student Handbook and provided a simple download for you to reference when needing to check. Please review this document if you are questioning whether something is within code.

Download the current or upcoming school supply list. All grade-levels are listed on the same download. Find your students homeroom teacher for their list.

Re-enrollment is due by March 1st to receive the discounted rate of $275/student. After March 1st the enrollment fee raises to $300. If you have not completed your re-enrollment you can enroll online today. Early enrollment is helpful in determining budget and needs for the next school year. Thank you!

Capital Campaign

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