The Birth of Grace Christian Academy

The vision to found GCA began while founder Jaime Jackson was volunteering in a Christian school in an economically disadvantaged area. Since then, her career has included serving as a middle school teacher for 4 years in the US and as a college-freshman teacher for 3 years abroad. In both, she successfully led a team of teachers, challenging them to grow. After that, she homeschooled her two children while working diligently on the foundation of Grace Christian Academy until its opening in 2014.

Years ago, her husband and her placed their daughter in a Christian school, which turned out to be a great experience! After that experience and many months of prayer to determine whether they would home school their children or send them to the same school, she sensed the Lord calling her to establish a non-denominational Christian school in the Pulaski area.

As Mrs. Jackson walked in obedience to that call, she quickly found that a local, Christ-focused environment is not only her heart’s desire but is passionately shared by many other parents! Thus, Mrs. Jackson sensed God’s call to extend her effort, talents, education, and experiences as a gift not only for her two children but for the sake of all children in our area.

For many years now, Mrs. Jackson has been blessed to labor with other godly followers of Christ, together comprising our school board. She is grateful for our partnerships as we strive together in prayer, in God’s Word, and in united effort to follow the Lord in the journey of seeing God’s vision come to reality.

Truly, Grace Christian Academy exists to nurture our children to know Jesus Christ and walk with Him to fulfill their God-given purpose. To this goal, we all work in unity, doing our part to “Leave a Legacy of Walking with Christ!”