Primary Jr. High Educator

Brian Nejedlo is our primary Jr. High educator for levels 5-8. Mr. Nejedlo has a long history of teaching, mentoring, and working in ministry. He taught at Denmark High School from 2000 to 2004, during which time he had the privilege of meeting and working with Jeremie Johnson, our school Administrator. The two became fast friends and maintained their relationship well after Brian left teaching to pursue other opportunities. During that time period, Jeremie Johnson became involved with Grace Christian Academy and brought the school to Brian’s attention. Brian’s dream of involvement in a Christian school was awakened! In looking back, Brian says, “It is pretty clear to me now that God was orchestrating a plethora of events, dating back to 2004 and leading right up to the present, to bring me to my current situation–teaching full-time at GCA. I have no doubt that God will obtain great glory for Himself and provide me with the opportunity to testify to others of His greatness.”

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