High School FPA Advisor

Chara Jensen is the FPA and Academic Supervisor for the Upper Level students grades 9-12. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Church Leadership, but she has a passion for youth students and helping them excel in the academic environment. Having been a successful student in the public school system and completing much of her college education through online platforms as well as working with children and youth in volunteer settings for over 10 years, Miss Jensen is uniquely qualified and equipped to come alongside students in both their in person and online learning. She oversees all the online courses students take, and she is a secondary teacher for both the US History I and Algebra I classes. She is also the Bible teacher for the 9-12 grade girls and also meets weekly in individual discipleship with many of them. She has a passion for learning and growing both spiritually and academically, and she is excited to be in an environment where she can inspire students to have that same desire for their own lives and to do everything unto the glory of God.

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