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Here I stand now before you, not believing that I’m here. Has this day finally been opened, minutes to wait, goodbye years.

The day I knew I would be flying (Lifted away with you) was the day I pictured us here. So many days I fought to get here (Minutes to hours to days) and now our vow is finally near.

And I see you there at the altar. Friends and family surround us, tears and laughter flowing joy. Nothing more can we prepare now, (Our day has finally arrived) all that’s left are words of truth. I see you there!

The visions of this day unfolding took six years to pass us by. Journeys taken, circles broken, mending bridges, sharing lives.

The day I knew I would be flying (Into a heavens horizon) is the day before us now. The sweetness of your love provides me (Nourishing are you) with a love over and through.

And I see you there at the altar. The magic that embraces you is opening my soul. Hear my words pour out before you, (Trembling though they may be) “Forever will I be for you.” And I see you there!

The day has now been opened for us, and here we stand side by side. The Lord’s embracing arms surround us, three are one for all our lives. Oh my Lord I think I’m flying (Lifted by Your hands) with Your angels singing high. My eyes swell tears, I can’t contain them (Melodic tears of joy) knowing she is by my side.

And I see her there, at the altar. Beauty cannot bound her, no description can I share. This blessed union graced upon us, (Showering down like rain ) forever let me be for her.

And I see You there, Lord beside us. Endearing is Your Holy Spirit nourishing our lives. This unconditional love You gave us, (Carried by Your Son) forever let us love as You! And I see You there! Oh my Lord we are flying, away in Your arms. Oh my Lord.

Words and Music by Jeremie Johnson

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“I wrote this song for Amy and sang it live at our wedding. It literally took 2.5 years to write this song. I don’t know why it took so long, but I am glad it did because it kept me singing and playing all these years. The song expresses how I felt that day and the union that all three of us (me, Amy, God) would share for all our lives.” – Jeremie Johnson