I can never say enough good about GCA!  As a parent of four and trying to lead them well in this fallen world, it is so priceless to find a school that will come alongside us to guide and pour into our children!  What a blessing it is to know that as my kids go to school each day, they are being discipled with love, so that they can become all that God has planned for them to be.  When I think about the fact that on weekdays the teachers see my kids more than I do, it is so vital that they are surrounded by people who love and serve the Lord and care about the godly character of my kids as much as I do.  I also have a 13 year old and I absolutely love that the school provides one on one discipleship for her (and all 6-12 level students)–junior high is such a difficult time of life and it is a beautiful thing that she gets to meet with an adult she respects (who is not me), who will listen to her struggles, care about her concerns and challenge her in her spiritual life.  God has blessed our family so immensely through GCA–we are so grateful!


We had been homeschooling for the past 12 years and then the last several years were experiencing life changes that were making it difficult to continue homeschooling. We knew about GCA from its beginnings and had gone to a shadow day to see if it would be a fit for our family. I remember our thoughts were this is just like homeschooling on steroids. One of the wonderful things about GCA is how our children beautifully transitioned the staff and administration truly care and love our children. They have a heart for the Lord and it shows! Or kids would actually get bummed out if they were sick and couldn’t make it to school that day. They just love it there and we love having them there. Our kids have been thriving and excelling in their academics and in growing friendships that we pray will last a lifetime. We have been filled with so much peace knowing our children are in God’s hands at GCA.


Our journey with GCA began over three years ago when God began planting seeds in our hearts that would lead us to this school. We became aware of Grace Christian Academy when speaking with another parent whose children attended the school. She was so enthusiastic about how wonderful GCA was and clearly loved it. At the time, my husband and I were not even aware that we would be looking for a new school in the near future, but God knew. Over the next several months, it became clear to us that we needed a new plan for our children’s schooling. As we weighed our options, I remembered the conversation I had had with that mom months before. We were anxious as we contemplated changing schools. What if our kids didn’t like it or felt like they didn’t fit in? What if we were making the completely wrong decision for them? We prayed for open doors and clear answers from the Lord.

As always, God was faithful. As we continued to seek the Lord’s will, our family came to GCA for a day of shadowing at the school. As both my husband and I saw the teachers working with their students and including our children as well, our doubts began to fade away. With each new interaction we had at GCA, whether it was placement testing or discussing the needs of our children, we felt more and more confident that Grace Christian Academy was the school we were looking for.

I cannot say enough about GCA. The teachers there have taken our kids under their wings, making them feel welcome, special, and accepted. Since then, our children have grown by leaps and bounds in confidence, friendships, and academics. But most importantly, their faith in Christ has been nurtured in every class, with every teacher, every day. In addition to our children being well loved, we have found a community of amazing, supportive parents who have also welcomed us with open arms.

My husband and I both agree that we could never put a price on the quality of education and discipleship our children have received at Grace Christian Academy. In short, we came to GCA looking for a new school for our children but what we found was a family that embraced all of us just as we were.


Our family has been so blessed to be part of GCA. We never imagined that we would enroll both of our children in a private Christian school at the high school level, but are so thankful that God led us to GCA. This school was a lifesaver for our son when he was in need of finding an alternative to public high school and our daughter has been truly blessed by her classes through FPA as well as her one on one discipleship. We didn’t know what we were missing having our kids in public school. The teachers at GCA actually care for the students not only educationally, but spiritually as well. We encourage everyone we know with little kids to “start them out on the way they should go and they will not depart from it”- GCA is a wonderful starting point, no matter what age/grade level your kids are at, you will not be disappointed!